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      The TLE4961-1M is an integrated Hall effect latch designed specifically for highly accurate applications with superior supply voltage capability, operating temperature range and temperature stability of the magnetic thresholds.

      Summary of Features:

      • 3.0 V to 32 V operating supply voltage
      • Operation from unregulated power supply
      • Reverse polarity protection (-18 V)
      • Overvoltage capability up to 42 V without external resistor
      • Output overcurrent & overtemperature protection
      • Active error compensation
      • High stability of magnetic thresholds
      • Low jitter (typ. 0.35 s)
      • High ESD performance
      • Small SMD package PG-SOT23-3-15 (TLE4961-1M)

      Target Applications:

      • Window lifter (index counting)
      • Power closing (index counting)
      • Gear stick (position detection)
      • Seat belt (position detection)
      • BLDC (commutation)
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